The End of the Universe

The universe was ending
The stars were going off
One by one the Clarkian way
There was panic, lynchings
People killing each other
When everyone must soon die anyway

Fear and despair ruled the world
As the earth was enveloped in a forever night
With a happier sun
No longer burning itself
In its hydrogenic anguish

Somewhere in dark woods
Stood a blue car and in its back seat
You and me holding hands
Laughing the way only a child can
In a strange combination of tranquility
And utmost ecstasy of each other’s presence.

No words were spoken or needed
And it was the best of conversations
Held while looking at stars going dark
And in silently wondering what would it be
That would take place of this dying universe.

Knowing somehow that whatever it would be
It would be even better,  softer,
Sweeter and more beautiful
And feeling blessed while making place for it
By dying next to each other, the best way ever.

Copyright – Sidharth Vardhan

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