Don't Die Sidharth Vardhan Song

Don’t Die

(Dedicated to Jenny) Don’t diePlease hear me cryPlease don’t diePlease don’t dieNot nowNot already I can’t deal with another lossWith the rest of the worldI am already crossI can’t handle another deathYou are my gem, precious wealth So please don’t dieCan you still hear me cryPlease don’t die You alone… Read More »Don’t Die

fighting like an old couple sidharth vardhan short story

Fighting like an old couple

(A short fiction by Sidharth Vardhan First written on November 6, 2018) “we fight and it passes the time.” Ernest Hemingway 8 p.m. Major Baldev Singh, the fifty-eight old advocate, returns home. He had been playing chess with his friend ‘Sharma’ for the whole day. He returns home to find… Read More »Fighting like an old couple

melancholy life of trees sidharth vardhan short story

Melancholy Life of trees

I am imagining what a tree would think if it could. How it would look at the seasons as they come and go – the spring that brings with it flowers and birds, the winters that take them away – how the death of every flower would be for it… Read More »Melancholy Life of trees

fall sidharth vardhan short story 5

The Fall

1. He was so very careful with his steps. From very early on, he had decided one can’t be too careful as one walks to one’s destination, for one can so easily fall with a momentary carelessness on these rocky terrains. And so many people had told him that they… Read More »The Fall

vani sidharth vardhan short write ups


“Papa, Pa-Pa, Pa, Pa” he has rolled the variations of the word;‘Daddy’ or ‘Dad’ too, but he wishes that Vani will call him papa. It has just the right kind of sound to it. It has always felt like a big responsibility – inwardly he still has a lot of… Read More »Vani

the loss by sidharth vardhan short write ups

The Loss

Four-year-old Arun is playing with his toys – making the bull and the horse in his hands wrestle, the horse is winning, Arun wants the horse to win, he likes the horse, he knows it will win ….. When he hears the voices of his parents arguing. He turns around… Read More »The Loss