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God’s Bread

“Only an animal worries all the time about the next meal.”  Naguib Mahfouz 1. How could he judge her? Who was he to judge her? Hadn’t she been patient enough? Mariah still remembered how she had lost her son, her only child, and even that only increased her faith –… Read More »God’s Bread

possesion sidharth vardhan short story


“It started all of sudden one day. We – me, my brother and husband, suddenly heard her screaming one day. We ran to her room, the door was shut but not locked. She had developed a habit of more and more spending time alone in her room and often locking… Read More »Possession

Hand of God goal

God chose to play a hand in quarter-finals of the 1986 world cup between Argentina and England at graffiti, Helsinki, Finland on 5 June. The game was emotionally charged after 1966 quarter-finals (known excessive foul play and racist comments post-match) and  Falklands War of 1982 (over a small island in… Read More »Hand of God goal