The Song of Birds

(A Short story by Sidharth Vardhan first written on November 12, 2020) 1. Tejasvi madam has not aged much in the fifteen years I have known her. For someone her age – nearly seventy (she has been retired for five-six years now), she is still very active and that is… Read More »The Song of Birds

Chien and Canies sidharth vardhan short story

Chien and Canis

It is only because of King’s James’ personal dislike for dogs that nobody knows about Canis and Chien – for no accounts of our parents can ever be complete without mentioning them. When Adam and Eve were exiled; Canis and Chien – the first dog couple followed them, trailing not… Read More »Chien and Canis

melancholy life of trees sidharth vardhan short story

Melancholy Life of trees

I am imagining what a tree would think if it could. How it would look at the seasons as they come and go – the spring that brings with it flowers and birds, the winters that take them away – how the death of every flower would be for it… Read More »Melancholy Life of trees

Sidharth Vardhan

In Defense of Cannibalism

(A short writeup by Sidharth VardhanFirst written on October 9, 2016 as a review of ‘Black Beauty’ by Anna Sewell) “I think the story starts when, as a kid, I was a neighbor of this family of slaughterers for a short while and, though they did their work within walls… Read More »In Defense of Cannibalism