Make me with a bow
And a big stupid smile
Dress me like a clown
Give me a thorn crown
Laugh at me
Crack jokes at me
Call me your snow man
Your very own snowman
But don't name me
Don't love me
For I live a small time
In frozen winters of life
To make you laugh
Your funny little dwarf
For that is what I am
A clown in cold winds
A snowman
Your very own snowman
For I am a snowman
Your very own snowman
Come next sweet summer
I must melt smiling still
A fading clown
You must say goodbye
Trying not to cry
Prepared to forget
To your snowman
Your very own snowman
Or maybe I will go
Already forgotten
Nothing important
Nothing to regret
Just a passing joke
A little plaything
A distraction of dull dark times
A snowman
Your own very own snowman
Forgotten amid better things,
Life, career, oh so many friends
And why not?
Who am I but a snowman
Melting in backyard shadows
A snowman
Your very own snowman
If not, you must still forget me
A sad memory of frozen hearts
Like tears in your eyes
So to make it easy
Don't love me
Don't name me
Just call me
Your very own snowman

Copyright – Sidharth Vardhan

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