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Review – Diary of a Suicide

(Sidharth Vardhan’s review of the book
Diary of a Suicide by Wallace E. Baker
The book was first published in 1913
Review first published on November 27, 2019
5 out of 5 stars (5 / 5))


“Under separate cover I am sending you a record of a young man who is about to commit suicide. My only object is that it may help…to ease the way for some who come after…. I do not sign this, but you may verify my death by communicating with Mr. ——, whom I am writing to-day, so that he may look after my effects in New York.”

Diary of a Suicide by Wallace E. Baker  eview and analysis  by Sidharth Vardhan
Diary of a Suicide by Wallace E. Baker

The body of a well-dressed young man was found off Manhattan Beach, Sept. 28, 1913. In his pockets a torn photograph of Strindberg and receipts for three registered letters were found. These receipts were traced to Mr. Herts and to friends in Toronto, one of whom identified the body on Oct. 2d as that of Wallace E. Baker.”

My view

This is one hell of a grossly under-appreciated book. The titular character was incredibly well-built. It is a study in depression, sexual frustrations, and intellectual aloofness of a young man who ends up commuting suicide. The kind of stuff you expect from Russian classics. It definitely stays relevant to date.

It is in the public domain. You can download it here or an audiobook version of it here.

  • November 27, 2019

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