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Dumbed-down explanation of MBTI functions

This post is created by editing an answer I wrote for Quora. A more theoretical answer would need a post for each function. So, here us the dumbed-down version.

Instead of talking about what they are or how they operate, I give different examples in which a function will affect your preferences. Note that these are typical behaviors and you won’t show all of them – it depends on your nurture, development of functions, your assertiveness, willingness to improve, passions, emotional state, their position in your functional stack and other functions too.

But the functions mostly work in the following fashion:

Introverted Feeling

Unicorns, justice for all, imaginative, who am I? Must save the puppy. So much evil in this world to cure, but don’t ask me to be satisfied with doing just a little good. Must see the whole world. The whole world is painted according to what I feel so there is no such thing as reality. No one understands me. Where is my Prince Charming? Where is my diary? Oh! Cruel, cruel world! So much noise, so much sound, so much light – save me! Literature. literature. Literature. Night owls. Loners. I am whining, not asking for advice. Oh! Look kitty! Oh, look baby! Kisses. Hugs. More kisses. Here is a stupid feeling I can use to excuse a disgusting action. Vengeance. Fairy tales. You make me laugh, I am having a crush on you.

Extroverted Feeling

must help people, must help even more people, tell me all your problems, I feel your pain. So many people to be helped. This is for your good. Must make jokes to make everyone laugh. My feelings are changed according to who I am with, so are my feelings real? Party only happens in groups and clubs. Loud music is life. Books are so boring. I might have to cut your head for the greater good. You love me I love you back. Must hurt you for your own good. Netflix. What do you mean you know better than ms what is good for you?

Introverted thinking

Everything can be explained by logic. I have a new idea of an operating system for mobiles. new theory on the creation of the universe. Why am I such a genius? Why are you all so stupid? why do we need feelings? If you think about it, cause and effect explain it all. You don’t make sense, so don’t breathe. Your opinions seem logical, I might be feeling something – is this what people call crush? Ends justify means. Rubik’s cubes are best. I know how to do it and that is what is important, don’t tell to actually do it – that just boring.

Extroverted thinking

I know the rules and I must apply them to get the best results of given resources. Efficiency is everything. Everyone must adhere to rules and I will ensure it. Must say hurtful things or get angry if people don’t adhere to my expectations. Must get the material success, you can save your personal problems for later – in the long run, collective results will be best for all. Slow workers tend to slow down others too. Kindness to inefficient is a punishment to efficient. Formal Wear is the best. Get me new gifts, say yes boss and you will get my love. Discipline. No one got rich by looking at the big picture. Feelings are excuses for inefficiency. Expensive cars. Uselessly expensive watches.

Introverted Intuition

I get this idea / hunch / gut-feeling and I must base my life’s biggest decisions on it. God is speaking to me. Muse gave me this story. I got this crazy idea about how I feel, I might be a psychopath. The world is so boring. Need new information, more information, even more information. Coffee is good. My experiments with everything I come across. Why won’t you understand me even though I don’t understand myself? You told me something new, I have a crush on you. Coffee. Coffee. Coffee. Must appear more confident than I really am.

Extroverted Intuition

Must watch another TED talk. Maths is good. I see patterns, patterns everywhere. witty. Have you ever observed how….. patterns are everything, you can predict almost anything. What you think of the future of the Indian economy will be? Where are my books? You stood your ground against me in a bantering, I am having a crush on me. Talk to me. talk to me. Talk to me. Talk to me. I got the big picture right, don’t bore with me with details. I know about all subjects but can’t be bothered about being an expert on anything. Not sure about anything. Everything is boring in the long run. And that reminds me of … which reminds me … Also, a bit related….

Introverted Sensing

Yoga. Meditation. Must get my meals at times. Must have a rich spiritual life. Here is a new wrinkle I didn’t know I have. Early to bed, early to rise. Traditions are everything. Don’t argue with me, I am always right. Let me teach you how to live. One man woman. One woman man. Discipline. Physical work is best thing. Go to scriptures to know answers to everything. Minimum wages, 12 hours shift – best day ever. Loyal. Master of tools.

Extroverted sensing

Sex. Sex. Sex. Paragliding. Party all night. Why do loners even bother with breathing? So what is new in sex? New delicious food is best thing in the world. Swiming. What is your kink? Swimming. Expensive cars. Hiking. Did I mention sex? Bored with my lover, must find a new one. You are hot, who knows the world might end tomorrow, let us have fun together while we can. Drinks. Drinks. Drinks. I admit cheating is wrong but she is hot so it’s okay. Loners are weird. Monogamy is for idiots.

Last words

I intend to write more on MBTI. But please remember I am no expert and this is just my limited understanding of functions. I do not even fully agree with MBTI theory. My personal version will take several posts to get fully spelled out.

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