Don’t Die

(Dedicated to Jenny)

Don't die
Please hear me cry
Please don't die
Please don't die
Not now
Not already
I can't deal with another loss
With the rest of the world
I am already cross
I can't handle another death
You are my gem, precious wealth
So please don't die
Can you still hear me cry
Please don't die
You alone were my friend
You suffered when I suffered
But nothing shared time too will end
Everyone must leave or die
That is my life's trend
But not you
Please not you
Please don't die
Shower water saw me cry
Please please don't die
We used to play together in rains
But no tears nor rains will
Ever wash these stains
I will never ever deserve
Lesser still your pains
Yet I beg don't die
Please don't die
All I know is to cry
Please, please don't die
If you must now
Suffer to the bitter end
Better it now friend
I will miss you
Forever want to kiss you
Yet can't hear you sigh
If that is only out
Please die
Oh no, no, don't die
Can't help but cry
Please don't die
Please please don't die

Copyright – Sidharth Vardhan

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