Death of a Dream

So little of happiness
So long to come 
and oh don't blink
See! Its already over
Now back to your
Never-ending darkness
(End of chorus)
Forgive me
For I still lay crushed
The victim of your amusements
Like that flower
Whose petals you plucked
One by one
And with a tender amused smile
A beautiful thing killed
As you decide whether you loved me
Or loved me not
Forgive me 
For there is an itching in my breast
And only one way to make it rest
To Share with you this bitter harvest
That thanks to you now lives in my chest
Forgive me 
For I must pick another quarrell
Exchange reproaches 
Add regrets
Trade tears
And hide fears
Forgive me
for I must show the burn in my heart
Forgive me 
For I must pick a last argument
Forgive me
For i never learned to mourn the living
Forgive me 
For I never was good with
mourning the death of a dream.

Copyright – Sidharth Vardhan

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