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looking for the sun sidharth vardhan short story

Looking for the sun

“They are just wasting their time” “How” “They are looking for the sun.” “That is not a waste of time. It is a sight worth seeking.” “Yeah, but they won’t find it.” “Why? Sun can be seen anywhere. They are bound to find it sooner or later.” “No. They won’t.”… Read More »Looking for the sun

Three cigarettes and a song short story sidharth vardhan

Three cigarettes and a song

(A fan-fiction kind of short story for ‘A Tale of Two Cities‘ and the song ‘Cheers Darling‘.) As usual, she had her beautiful smile on when she opened the door and she greeted him with her daily question, addressing him, as she always did, with his last name “How you… Read More »Three cigarettes and a song

family time a play sidharth vardhan

The Family Time

Time ~8 minutes Characters: A boy  – seven to twelve years old His father – a middle-aged man His mother – a middle-aged woman His brother – a  boy, about twenty years old His sister – a girl, about fifteen years old. The Play The curtain rises. (The father is… Read More »The Family Time

the loss by sidharth vardhan short write ups

The Loss

Four-year-old Arun is playing with his toys – making the bull and the horse in his hands wrestle, the horse is winning, Arun wants the horse to win, he likes the horse, he knows it will win ….. When he hears the voices of his parents arguing. He turns around… Read More »The Loss

urgency sidharth vardhan short write up

The Urgency

“We have to be there as soon as possible.” That was objective. The idea was clear. It was never officially stated but it couldn’t be clearer – a natural deduction given the urgency everyone had shown would tell you that they knew it too. After all, it was natural to… Read More »The Urgency

Sidharth Vardhan

Being Watched

Time ~ 5 minutes Characters: A girl – in later teens. 3 to 5 boys – late teens too, they are sitting on stools throughout the play. Play: Part 1 The lights are off as the curtain opens.  A ray of light follows a girl as she enters from left,… Read More »Being Watched