end of the universe sidharth vardhan song

The End of the Universe

The universe was endingThe stars were going offOne by one the Clarkian wayThere was panic, lynchingsPeople killing each otherWhen everyone must soon die anyway Fear and despair ruled the worldAs the earth was enveloped in a forever nightWith a happier sunNo longer burning itselfIn its hydrogenic anguish Somewhere in dark… Read More »The End of the Universe

I am India Sidharth Vardhan Poem

I am India

I am Indiaa strange, absurd anomalya juxtaposition of contradictionsa single entity containing multitudesa nation of all religionsa nation without a religionand a nation beyond all religions a nation of all languagesand of shared silences between their wordsand of that sea of understanding, they all stream toward. A nation of pasts… Read More »I am India

snowman sidharth vardhan song


Make me with a bow And a big stupid smile Dress me like a clown Give me a thorn crown Laugh at me Crack jokes at me Call me your snow man Your very own snowman But don’t name me Don’t love me For I live a small time In… Read More »Snowman

Don't Die Sidharth Vardhan Song

Don’t Die

(Dedicated to Jenny) Don’t diePlease hear me cryPlease don’t diePlease don’t dieNot nowNot already I can’t deal with another lossWith the rest of the worldI am already crossI can’t handle another deathYou are my gem, precious wealth So please don’t dieCan you still hear me cryPlease don’t die You alone… Read More »Don’t Die

Sidharth Vardhan

Death of a dream

(Chorus)So little of happinessSo long to come and oh don’t blinkSee! Its already overNow back to yourNever-ending darkness(End of chorus) Forgive meFor I still lay crushedThe victim of your amusementsLike that flowerWhose petals you pluckedOne by oneAnd with a tender amused smileA beautiful thing killedAs you decide whether you loved meOr… Read More »Death of a dream

worm sidharth Vardhan song

The Worm

Woke up with the worm,couldn’t eat,Music won’t do,Books won’t either,Something cruel is in the sunlight today,And ignored dog looks sad too. Know that will be crying today.Woke up with the worm,Hope it will kill me today. Can’t get you out of my mind,don’t want to love you anymore,Don’t want to… Read More »The Worm

hell hole sidharth vardhan short story


I have been wondering about how come people of this hell-hole keep getting attracted toward. One reason, I guess, is because I too am in this hell hole – perhaps more deeply sunk then so many else. But they do not generally like each other as much. Why should I… Read More »Hell-hole

ficklih loves sidharth Vardhan song swan

Ficklish Love

Take away your ficklish lovesNo bigger than the smallest of dovesThey may suit some otherMyself can’t handle anotherParts of my souls are still in gravesWhich were made by fantasiesThat you thought were your lovesAnd I loved the idea of deathTill you showed me dead too sufferIn storms of your passing… Read More »Ficklish Love