Dreams and Mirrors

Part 1 1. Some histories are in order, so I will begin by saying that the titular mirror was the most ordinary kind of mirror you can imagine. You could easily find similar mirrors anywhere or, at least anywhere in India. It wasn’t one of those fancy gothic things that… Read More »Dreams and Mirrors

ugliness sidharth vardhan short write ups


1. His clothes were as black as the background. The place was marked by a complete lack of landmarks – trees, walls, etc. Nothing but the darkness and, in it, that ugly man visible. but the darkness in the place wasn’t just a lack of light it seemed to have… Read More »Ugliness

abandoned a sidharth vardhan short story

The Abandoned

1. The sky there wasn’t cut short into by the buildings surrounding one and thus it wasn’t a mere roof of open streets as was the case in the city that her son had taken her to when she was no longer able to live by herself , her legs… Read More »The Abandoned

unsaid sidharth vardhan short story

The Unsaid

…………………. Mrit feels a pain, he can’t tell what from, in his left temple, a strange feeling of desperation as if he is getting late for something and an equally vague agony as he hears his mom from other room telling him that it is time for his bed. He really… Read More »The Unsaid

nightmare sidharth vardhan short story

A Nightmare

Part I 1. Twelve years later, V___ wakes up tormented by the nightmare. An unsatisfied, undesired feeling that will not go away – all these years and, for no reason that he can think; he has tried hard to remember if he had talked about, thought or alluded to her yesterday;… Read More »A Nightmare