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(Dedicated to Rosy, Jenny and all the other pets of  my family.) “Without Music, life would be a mistake” Friedrich Nietzsche “There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you.” Maya Angelou Part I Khamoshi 1. From my earliest memories, I have had this curiosity regarding how… Read More »Silences

family time a play sidharth vardhan

The Family Time

Time ~8 minutes Characters: A boy  – seven to twelve years old His father – a middle-aged man His mother – a middle-aged woman His brother – a  boy, about twenty years old His sister – a girl, about fifteen years old. The Play The curtain rises. (The father is… Read More »The Family Time

toy car Sidharth Vardhan short story

The Toy Story

1. Shaheen had looked forward to the meeting with the kid, her nephew, Sahil with hope. The only time she had seen him was two years ago before leaving the city for studies. He was only a few days old back then – a beautiful tiny mass of skin that… Read More »The Toy Story