The World as Will and Representation – a review of first Volume of Schopenhauer’s book

(Sidharth Vardhan’s review ofArthur Schopenhauer’s‘The World as Will and Representation’Book first published in 1818Review first writtten on January 19, 2020) (Based on my very limited understanding) Schopenhauer assumes your having knowledge of Kant’s philosophical system (I had only read Immanuel Kant‘s Critique of Pure Reason) and his own doctoral thesis… Read More »The World as Will and Representation – a review of first Volume of Schopenhauer’s book

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Gulzar on Two: a review of his novella ‘Two’

(Sidharth Vardhan’s review of‘Two’, a novella by GulzarOriginally published in Hindiunder the title ‘Do Log’ in 2017Review first written on January 1, 2020) Summary It’s the winter of 1946. A truck leaves the village of Campbellpur after news of the impending Partition pours in. It is carrying people who don’t… Read More »Gulzar on Two: a review of his novella ‘Two’

I am India Sidharth Vardhan Poem

I am India

I am Indiaa strange, absurd anomalya juxtaposition of contradictionsa single entity containing multitudesa nation of all religionsa nation without a religionand a nation beyond all religions A nation of all languages and of shared silences between their words and of that sea of understanding, they all stream toward. A nation… Read More »I am India

B. R. Ambedkar Sidharth Vardhan

Ambedkar’s Legacy and Modi Government

Rajnath Singh’s statement “Because of the rampant misuse of the word (secularism), there have been instances of tension in the society” was the second most hilarious thing I have heard this week. The biggest misuse in recent times has been of words ‘Hinduism’ and quote ‘Bhartiya Sanskriti’ (it never stops being funny-… Read More »Ambedkar’s Legacy and Modi Government