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“It started all of sudden one day. We – me, my brother and husband, suddenly heard her screaming one day. We ran to her room, the door was shut but not locked. She had developed a habit of more and more spending time alone in her room and often locking… Read More »Possession

hell hole sidharth vardhan short story


I have been wondering about how come people of this hell-hole keep getting attracted toward. One reason, I guess, is because I too am in this hell hole – perhaps more deeply sunk then so many else. But they do not generally like each other as much. Why should I… Read More »Hell-hole

Sidharth Vardhan

In Defense of Cannibalism

(A short writeup by Sidharth VardhanFirst written on October 9, 2016 as a review of ‘Black Beauty’ by Anna Sewell) “I think the story starts when, as a kid, I was a neighbor of this family of slaughterers for a short while and, though they did their work within walls… Read More »In Defense of Cannibalism

falling apart sidharth vardhan short story

Falling Apart

I was standing at a bus stop waiting for my bus. I was bored in my room and wanted to be out – moreover, it was lovely weather with cold winds blowing and clouds overhead, the kind of weather that created music in the air and set peacocks dancing. Not… Read More »Falling Apart