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(Comfort Objects – 1) Nayi

“Ever since my childhood, the concept of comfort objects has been of great importance to me. My mother was from a traditional background and biased towards sons over daughters. That is perhaps why when she gave birth to a twin – one of each sex, it was me who spent… Read More »(Comfort Objects – 1) Nayi

The Goalie's anxiety at the penalty kick peter Handke sidharth Vardhan review analysis summary

Handke on Goalie’s anxiety

(Sidharth Vardhan’s review of‘The Goalie’s Anxiety at the Penalty Kick’a novella by 2020 Nobel Peter HandkeNovella first published in 1970Review first written on January 5 2020) Summary The self-destruction of a soccer goalie turned construction worker who wanders aimlessly around a stifling Austrian border town. My View An expelled goalie… Read More »Handke on Goalie’s anxiety

snowman sidharth vardhan song


Make me with a bow And a big stupid smile Dress me like a clown Give me a thorn crown Laugh at me Crack jokes at me Call me your snow man Your very own snowman But don’t name me Don’t love me For I live a small time In… Read More »Snowman

Don't Die Sidharth Vardhan Song

Don’t Die

(Dedicated to Jenny) Don’t diePlease hear me cryPlease don’t diePlease don’t dieNot nowNot already I can’t deal with another lossWith the rest of the worldI am already crossI can’t handle another deathYou are my gem, precious wealth So please don’t dieCan you still hear me cryPlease don’t die You alone… Read More »Don’t Die