looking for the sun sidharth vardhan short story

Looking for the sun

“They are just wasting their time” “How” “They are looking for the sun.” “That is not a waste of time. It is a sight worth seeking.” “Yeah, but they won’t find it.” “Why? Sun can be seen anywhere. They are bound to find it sooner or later.” “No. They won’t.”… Read More »Looking for the sun

fall sidharth vardhan short story 5

The Fall

1. He was so very careful with his steps. From very early on, he had decided one can’t be too careful as one walks to one’s destination, for one can so easily fall with a momentary carelessness on these rocky terrains. And so many people had told him that they… Read More »The Fall

urgency sidharth vardhan short write up

The Urgency

“We have to be there as soon as possible.” That was objective. The idea was clear. It was never officially stated but it couldn’t be clearer – a natural deduction given the urgency everyone had shown would tell you that they knew it too. After all, it was natural to… Read More »The Urgency

Raag, the garden City

For good or for bad, you will never forget your first visit to the garden city ‘Raag’ – yes, you must have heard about it, people talk about it all the time. It is a strange city, you can’t direct anyone to it, it can only be discovered accidentally, and… Read More »Raag, the garden City