Rooftop Dancer

(A song by Sidharth Vardhan,
first written on June 26, 2021)

I'm a rooftop dancer
I'm a street-side dancer
What you think of me 
I don't care
I am weird
I am scared
I am crazy
Oh yes, extra crazy
 I am a rooftop dancer

Late in nights, 
Early in mornings
I dance on the rooftops
Singing along melodies
Or musical melancholia
Of tones in my earphones
Everyone thinks I am crazy
Aren't they right?
I am weird
I am scary
I am crazy
Oh yes, extra crazy
I am a rooftop dancer

Shadows dance with me
Grim reaper on my phone
Alone I am not lone
Alone I sing, dance and party
Crowds, they scare me
For I am weird
I am creepy
I am crazy
Oh yes, extra crazy
I am a rooftop dancer

I walk tipsy
And you laugh
For I don't lock my doors
Before unlocking my crazy
'Normal' bores me anyway
Lunatic I dream of planting
Roses in battlefields
And ask those crazy questions
Oh yes
So many crazy questions

Why be practical?
Why be reasonable?
Why be sensible?

Why be mean?
Why be clean?
Why finish anything?

Why not smile at strangers?
Why fear unknown dangers?
Why bother with rhyme?
Who cares if its a crime?

 Why fight?
Why not be mad
And just scream 
 In the middle of the night?

What's fun in straight lines
Those big cars and tall housings?
I sleep under starry skies
In moonlit nights
Drunk on music, 'am
Weird, crazy, and happy
Oh yes, extra happy
For I am a rooftop dancer

But hey you!
The one in the corner
Are you alone and scared?
The broken, the misfit, the weird?
Then come dance with me
Come, come
Let's be awesome
Let them shake their heads
Those normal ones
They are prisoners of their ways
Of their reason, logic, and grammars
Of their gods and laws
Of their sobriety 
 And their practicalities 
And who knows
 What other rules books?
 Not you, Not I
 We know the magic of music
 For we are the rooftop dancers
 The crazy ones
 The extra crazy ones

Copyright – Sidharth Vardhan

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