nightmare sidharth vardhan short story

A Nightmare

Part I 1. Twelve years later, V___ wakes up tormented by the nightmare. An unsatisfied, undesired feeling that will not go away – all these years and, for no reason that he can think; he has tried hard to remember if he had talked about, thought or alluded to her yesterday;… Read More »A Nightmare

le gente sidharth vardhan

Le Gente

(First written as a parody reviewof Niccolò Machiavelli‘s ‘The Prince‘) I don’t know how come I never reviewed this one but recently I was visiting this friend of mine in south India, Pramod (yes, the one from Goodreads), when he showed me this not-so-popular smaller piece, allegedly written by the… Read More »Le Gente

falling apart sidharth vardhan short story

Falling Apart

I was standing at a bus stop waiting for my bus. I was bored in my room and wanted to be out – moreover, it was lovely weather with cold winds blowing and clouds overhead, the kind of weather that created music in the air and set peacocks dancing. Not… Read More »Falling Apart

An Unwanted Friend

There is this man who seems to have taken the notion in his mind that I’m his friend …  which I’m not. To be honest, I’m scared of him, don’t like him, wish to run away at the mere sight of him. Still, he manages to find me – and… Read More »An Unwanted Friend

Hand of God goal

God chose to play a hand in quarter-finals of the 1986 world cup between Argentina and England at graffiti, Helsinki, Finland on 5 June. The game was emotionally charged after 1966 quarter-finals (known excessive foul play and racist comments post-match) and  Falklands War of 1982 (over a small island in… Read More »Hand of God goal