an unsung song sidharth vardhan book

An Unsung Song

A coming-of-age story of a young girl based on the story of Byblis from Ovid’s Metamorphosis.

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an unsung song sidharth vardhan book
An Unsung Song by Sidharth Vardhan


Bulbul is a very sensitive child – and has had a lonely life, the two aspects are brought out in a few scenes and chapters. Her parents divorced when she was two. And so, she lived with her mother at her uncle Manohar’s house, separated from her father and brother. Her mother won’t let her leave the house being too protective of her. When Bulbul was an eight-year-old dreamy child, her father decided to marry again which caused her ten-year-old brother, Gulab, to come to India and live with his maternal family. The two children developed a bond but for Bulbul, the bond was far stronger and, as she came to discover over years, of a different form. The discovery struck her with guilt and strong fears of discovery on one side and wishes for the fulfillment of deepest desires on the other hand.

While following the lives and thoughts of its characters, the book makes the statement on the general condition of the Indian society. Bulbul’s strange fate makes her question the morality of the very traditions by which she finds herself imprisoned.

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