About me

Sidharth Vardhan

I’m a textbook case of INFP personality type with all its stereotypical anxieties and pessimism. I’m a big loner who avoids parties and gatherings; is quite shy around girls; often get lost in my thoughts; is a miserable dresser, don’t like combing my hair or shaving – can go through months without bath; as you can see I’m terrible in introducing myself; am socially awkward to put it lightly; though I still have some gems for friends. Another weakness is that I can’t live in any sort of routine – and so have no fixed time for meals and going to bed. And so, not very healthy. Also, currently unemployed.

I read a lot, as in a lot, as in ‘buys books before clothes’ type. I often end up missing my meal, too lost in reading. Another reason that I skip meals is because I hate cooking – no doubt I’m not too healthy. Reading is an addiction and I’m almost always reading many books at same time. I write what for lack of a better word is called reviews of books on goodreads, only very few of which I post here. Another addiction is music and I have headphones-on all day.

In fiction, I mostly read only widely acclaimed books. I like learning about cultures and so try to read more from parts of the world, I’ve been to. In non-fiction, I’ve interest in Economics, Psychology, Philosophy, Marketing science, history, journalism, political thought, religious thought etc.

I think it is relevant and so I will mention it – I’m an outspoken skeptic on question of religion with a very heavy leaning towards atheism. I hope to see an apathiest world, where ‘God’ and all religions will become something that can only interest historians.

There is not a lot on the plus side – except my friends say that I’m knowledgeable, have some fine analytical ability and can be witty. Although, may be they are just flattering me.

Beyond books, I love American comedy and sci-fic serials (special mention for Doctor Who, Sherlock Holmes and F.R.I.E.N.D.S.); among movies ones from Christopher Nolan, Rajkumar Hirani, Disney, Pixar, Marvel comics, DC; dogs, also chess, chips, coke and chocolate. My diet was heavily affected by that ban on Maggie – one of a few things I know how to cook.

My ratings for books on goodreads have are neither completely about enjoyment nor literary/critical value (whatever that means) -they are a way of sorting books in order which I could like to read them if I was to live my life again. If that was to happen, I could start with books I gave 5* and then go downwards in list.

The site is primarily to provide an online platform for my literary works though I have experimented on and off with non-fiction stuff.

Feel free to contact. I happen to be a very approachable person and will love talking about books – especially if our interests are shared. 🙂

Not bragging … Okay, yeah bragging but I have read books from around the world. 🙂

This introduction was written several years ago. I am working on a new one and longer one (I am just narcissist enough to do that) among many other projects.